Odor Assassin Sprays

Odor Assassin Spray

Odor Assassin gets rid of airborne odors in seconds. 100% active, industrial strength formula uses the power of natural citrus oil to effectively eliminate offensive odors. Just a quick spray will clear all kinds of odors in your home or vehicle including - 
  • Pet Odors                      •  Cooking Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke Odor       •  Musty Basement Odor
  • Medical Odors                 •  Bathroom & Diaper Odors
  • Trash Odors                   •  Laundry Room Odors
  • Even Skunk Odors!
Lab tests show that Odor Assassin eliminates more than 90% of odor molecules from the air. Uses compressed air as a natural propellant to dispense a continuous super-fine mist that lasts for hours - doesn’t just cover up odors.

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